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KSD Family Solutions

Individual, Child and Family Therapy

About Dr. Dennis 


Natural Health Specialist

As a licensed clinical social worker with a PhD, my practice is geared toward working with individuals, groups and families who face unique challenges to life events and circumstances. 


For over 25 years, I have worked with my clients to identify and address behavioral patterns and underlying issues that are at the root of stress, conflict, anxiety and/or depression so that they can cope and live life more fully. My strengths-oriented plan of intervention is based on the latest evidence supporting practical strategies and techniques including Solution-focused Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma-focused Intervention, Structured Family Therapy, Play Therapy, Narrative Therapy, School-based intervention and System-based treatment. 


My work with clients includes a variety of settings including schools, community health centers, libraries, parent resource centers, churches, synagogues, psychiatric centers and mental health centers. My specialties include working with mood disorders, grief and loss, conditions of childhood and adolescents, adjustment challenges, trauma, food allergies, and family dynamics.


In addition to my clinical background, I am also actively involved in the community. I have worked as an Adjunct Professor for the last 15 years at several local colleges teaching Clinical Practice, Assessment and Diagnosis, Advance Practice with Children, Youth and Families, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Trauma, and Human Rights and Justice. I also present community workshops on grief and loss, crisis intervention, living with severe food allergies, trauma-based intervention, and parenting children with complex needs. I am the co-founder of FASE (Food Allergy Support and Education) and a proud member of NASW. 

Dr. Kelly Sullivan Dennis
Why Naturopathy

How Therapy Can Help You? 

It can help with


Living with or parenting a child or teen with chronic medical conditions brings unique challenges that require creative solutions. 


Recovering from a traumatic experience requires special support to find a new normal in which you can function easier. 


Processing complex stress can lead to new realizations and behaviors to help those who struggle to get through the day. 

Women's Health

Family-based therapy allows people to express themselves and interact in a way that fosters communication providing long-lasting changes for multiple members within the context of the whole. 

Weight Loss

Developing specific techniques to tackle anxiety and depression can lead to a new sense of control.  


People affected by addiction require new strategies to adjust to their world both inside and out. 


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Contact information




Wantagh, NY

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